Ah, Friday. I don't know if you can call what I do a "regular job," but it is good to come to the end of the week because the intensity of the Monday-Friday blog work eases up quite a bit. I still work on the weekends, but there's 96% more breathing room, and a lot of it is the non-paying type of work I do for fun, and that's very welcome. Of course, by Sunday night I'm itching for the regular week to start again. I realize that may sound crazy to a lot of people (how can you want the weekend to end??), but there you go.

Next week I'm starting several new features here, new daily/weekly features that you can count on seeing the same day every week, plus a big relaunch of Professor Barnhardt's Journal that I fear is way too ambitious for what I'll be able to do. We'll see what happens. Have a great weekend.

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