Monday, July 27

Question: why am I supposed to enjoy a season that is often described using the words sticky and uncomfortable? And that's the description by the people who actually like it.

Last week was a busy week. I feel guilty when the only thing I post during the day is a video or a quick sentence to explain why I'm not posting more. As I mentioned recently (link would go here if I wasn't lazy and it wasn't humid and I had the energy to do a search for the post), I've started a new schedule at TV Squad. I'm doing a lot more posts during the day. They're shorter, but shorter posts don't necessarily = easier because I still have to find the new, write the post, embed the video, crop the pic, and it all has to be timely and pithy and interesting. It's a great gig, really. It can be a little intense, getting a bunch of posts up all day long, but then I remember that I used to wash dishes for a living and go home smelling like butter and various vegetables.

You might notice the new pic of me on the right. I've Mad Men-ed myself. Dynamoe and AMC got together to make a cool site where you can make pictures of yourself that look like Mad Men versions of yourself. I immediately put it on my Twitter and Facebook accounts, and my sister tells me that it's a perfect match. I'm assuming this is a compliment.

Here's another one I made. I don't smoke in real life but feel I have to in this world. In this world I also seem to be taller than everyone else.


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