Tuesday, August 4

For those long-time readers who have read about my many problems with leaky roofs and ceilings (which has included fish tanks, toilets, bleach, and vanilla leaking into my apartment – no joke), here’s the latest: my upstairs neighbor’s air conditioner is leaking into my living room.

The water is coming in through one of the windows that looks out onto the street. It’s not pouring in, just little drips and drabs, and I didn’t even hear it until I shut off my TV to get some reading done and heard a noise. I originally thought it was the rain banging on the window as it always does (it’s been raining quite a bit here lately), and didn’t give it a second thought, but they I realized, it isn’t raining. I pulled up the blinds and sure enough, drip drip drip. Looks like it has been going on for several days too, because the wood on the window sill is all stained and wet. Luckily the water wasn’t coming down fast enough to pour onto the floor beneath the window, which has a power strip, a lamp, and various wires and cables that lead to the television and audio equipment.

Solution: neighbor moved it to the side window. Now it drips on our mailboxes, but so does the rain so that should be fine. Another reason I want this summer over with quickly.

Other than that, a great day and night. Watched Out of the Past, which is a good noir, but it’s not one of my favorites. I like my noirs to be based in big cities, with the grittiness and the skyscrapers, not in small Mexican towns. But it’s quite entertaining and one of those classic films you have to see. I have the second season of Mad Men staring at me from the coffee table right now, and I’m going to have to dive into them before the third season starts on August 16. Sometimes I’m overwhelmed by the amount of TV I have to watch for my job, but I think if watching TV is a problem then you don’t have many problems to complain about.

More updates to Professor Barnhardt’s Journal. See you tomorrow.

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