Tuesday, August 11

Humidity. Tech support. Frustration. Anger. Irritation. Humidity.

Those are the words that pretty much summarize the past two days at Casa Sassone. It would be enough if I had to deal with the stifling, where's-my-gun humidity that has engulfed the area, but you add on to that the fact that something – something – happened to my wireless router and it just stopped working. No, that's too easy. If it had just stopped working, I would have said "oh, I've had it a while and now it's broken so I'll just buy a new one." But this was in that irritating in-between world where sometimes I could get on to the network and sometimes I couldn't.

So after a call to the wireless router company the other night (in India, of course), when the tech support person had us download some sort of driver or firmware upgrade, everything seemed to be working fine. It's great to go to bed knowing that you've finally solved an important problem. It's frustrating to wake up the next day and find out that not only is the problem back but it's back with a vengeance.

So I called the company again. I explained what happened (giving them the reference # to what we had discussed the night before), and he had me go through a series of tests on the computer. Then we got disconnected. Grrrrrrrr. So I call back and have to explain to an entirely new person what the problem was (no, they can't connect me with the person who I was speaking with before, that would be too efficient). We go through another five minutes of me describing what the problem is and an attempt to download either more software or a replacement for the software that was download the night before (still not sure which), when…I get disconnected yet again. And no, it was their fault, not mine – every time they tried to transfer me to a "senior lead technician" I would be disconnected. This isn't the type of problem you want to see when you're calling to find out why you keep getting disconnected from your wireless network.

The third time I actually asked them to make sure they had my phone number there because there's a fantastic chance I'd be disconnected and I want to be able to have the same person call me back so I don't have to go through this all again. Long story short (or is it too late for that?): after five or six hours of tech support, I find out that I have to buy another wireless router because this one is old and a goner. Terrific.

Some days I just want to go back to using typewriters. Maybe I can type up my site posts and then snail mail them to someone who can put them on the web for me?

The punch line to all of this is that there's now a shiny, brand new wireless modem here and…it's still not working 100%. It's working fine most of the time, but I sense more frustration coming. Or maybe that's just the heat index creeping up.

Other than that, a great weekend. I actually attempted to have something called a "social life" on Saturday night and went out to see have dinner on the deck of a local seaside restaurant and listen to a band. That's the most I've done in months. Alcohol was consumed, food was eaten, and conversation engaged. My Saturday nights usually involve typing, reading, and working (strange how my Saturday nights sound an awful lot like my Tuesday afternoons), so this was a nice change of pace. Probably something I should do more often.

Tomorrow: updates to PBJ, Cereal & Wine, and more video.

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