Monday, August 17

It's official: I want summer to be over right now. It's so hot and humid today – and it's been like this since, oh, 7am – that I don't even want to move, not even move my fingers a little bit to type these words. My summer days are spent working, sitting in front of a table fan and drinking something cold. I've lived here for almost 16 years and for the first 14 I didn't even have a fan. I have no idea how I survived all those Junes, Julys, and Augusts. I feel like the witch in The Wizard of Oz. I know, you're assuming I mean the one that melted at the end of the movie, because it's so humid I feel like I'm melting. Actually, I feel more like the one who got the house dropped on top of her.

Other news: you may notice that there's an entire section of this web site that has vanished. That's right…poof! It's the food and drink section that I put up a few weeks ago. I deleted the whole damn thing. Why? Not sure. It's probably an ill-advised move triggered by the heat. Actually, it's because I just didn't want to keep up with it anymore. But it's not gone completely. Anything I would have posted over there about food and/or drink I'm now putting up at Professor Barnhardt's Journal, which is still going strong and approaching its 7th anniversary (October 2). New stuff up there too, if you're interested.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to refill my glass.

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