Monday, August 24

So this is day four of a “boil water” order where I live.

That means that bacteria has been found in the city’s water supply so we all have to boil our water before we drink it, brush our teeth, or do the dishes. This isn’t as hard for me as it could have been. I’ve been through several “no water at all” events here in the past 10 years (from water main breaks in the city), times when we couldn’t boil the water first because there was no water to boil. That was fun. Imagine trying to shower every single day using bottles of spring water. They make it look like so much fun in old Western movies. It’s not fun.

So at least there’s actual water to use this time around. I don’t drink the water or use it to cook here anyway (too much chlorine in the water – which is funny because the problem this time around is not enough chlorine in the water). I drink bottled water. But it’s a major pain in the backside when it comes to washing dishes. Oh, and showering is a chore because you’re not supposed to swallow any of the water as you put your head under the shower head. It’s amazing how much water goes in your mouth and nose when you’re not really paying attention to it. Showering the past few days has been like trying to do ballet in a phone booth. (For all you kids under 25, a phone booth was a large box that used to stand on street corners – you’d go inside, close the door and make a phone call!)

The worst part is that they’re telling us that if we have any water left over from August 15, such as drinks made with water or ice cubes made with tap water, we should get rid of it. They told us this on August 21, almost a week after the bacteria started showing up. Thanks a lot folks! If I became a monster or grow a third nipple I’m suing.

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