Thursday, September 3

A big, hearty welcome to everyone who came over from TV Squad, Basket of Kisses, or heard Kathie Lee Gifford talking about me on Today the other day. Thanks for stopping by. Always great to see a nice bump in traffic.

If it is indeed your first time, here’s a quick road map. This page is updated every single day (and by every single day I mean “I really try to update every single day”) with what happened during the day, what I have going on writing-wise, thoughts on pop culture, and just about anything else I can think of. They’re not finely-tuned essays, they’re just things I write up quickly. I’ve been doing it since 1996 (I’m an old-timer, web-wise), so there’s a lot of stuff in the archives.

Professor Barnhardt’s Journal is the web mag/blog I’ve been doing since 2002. It started as a web mag with essays and lists from people like Roger Ebert, Mike Nelson, Tod Goldberg, and many other cool people (too many to mention here). Now it’s more of a blog than a web mag, but I’ll have some guests once in a while too. By day I’m a staff writer at TV Squad, and by night…well, I’m a staff writer at TV Squad by night too. In 2003 I published a book of essays titled Book, with Words and Pages (no copies left – sorry!), and I’m working on a second book. I’m always working on a second book.

Oh, I’m also on Twitter and Facebook so you can follow me there if you like. Every other Weds you can hear me on Shaun Daily’s show. I have a bio here if you want to know more.

Again, thanks for stopping by, and I hope you come back if you see stuff that you like.

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