Saturday, November 14

Yes, a rare Saturday post (damn, if I had written this at night instead of the day I could have said Saturday evening post), but I've neglected this site so much this month that I thought I'd post something. I hate seeing that calendar on the left with so few entries highlighted.

It's rainy and raw right now, and while this would be the part where a lot of people would start complaining about the weather and wishing for sunnier, warmer days, I won't do that. I love rainy weather. I love cold weather. I love snow. Hell to me is Florida. So I don't mind this weather at all. I mean, I'm not a postman or a construction worker or a Domino's pizza delivery guy. Whether it's 90 degrees and sunny or 40 degrees and rainy, I still work inside. The difference: when it's 40 I'm comfortable. When it's 90 I sweat.

It has actually been warmer than most Novembers so far this year, and while local news people seem to enjoy it, I hate it. Bring on the cold, the sweaters, the hot chocolate, the holidays.

Anyway, I've been massively busy over at TV Squad. We've started doing podcasts, and I've participated in two so far (here and here). Let us know what you think. I'm going to start a podcast at this site too. I've bought the equipment and everything! I'm still working out exactly what the podcast will focus on, what form it will take, what the hell I'll talk about, so it won't be up for a little while, but the first one should be up before Christmas.

Have a great weekend, and I'll see you Monday.

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