Waiting For The Snow

We're supposed to get 8 or 9 inches. I'm amused that the meteorologists on TV keep saying that the timing of this snowstorm is "perfect." More than one person has said "at least it's happening on the weekend and not during the week!" Yeah, it would be terrible if it happened during the week and you got a day off from work or school, and since it's the last weekend before Christmas and everyone wants to get their shopping done, it's just perfect timing. But I'm all set. When you work from home, whether it's a weekday or the weekend, the only things you need are a computer, DVDs, lots of hot chocolate, and about 35 pounds of rock salt. Actually, that's all you need even if you don't work from home. 

You know it's an important storm when the news people who usually work during the week have come in to cover the story on the weekend. AND THEY'RE WEARING SWEATERS!

Yes, to answer your question, that is indeed a "tip jar" in the left hand column. If you've liked the site over the past 13+ years and liked what you see, maybe you could drop some change into the pot? You can put as little as two bucks, though if you for some reason wanted to put in $17,000, it's not like I'd send you an e-mail telling you not to do it. It's your money! (But really, a buck or two is fine, just something to pay for the monthly site costs.) I had a tip jar on my site for a short time during the Mesozoic period (about 8-10 years ago), but I took it off because it felt too much like begging. Well, I've gotten over that, as have many others. I'm in good company.

It's either donations or I cover the site with ads, which I'm against right now. Not because I'm pure and innocent and don't want "the man" infiltrating my site. It's because I'm not sure how my site will look with ads on it. 

There's lots of stuff coming to this site, if you're wondering: a podcast every two weeks, more fiction, more essays, more updates, maybe even some video once I learn how to use my new iPod Nano. I'm also going to have some merchandise for sale, once I figure out what type of merchandise I'll have for sale. I doubt anyone wants a sweatshirt or a mug with just my name on it, so I'll have to put my thinking cap on (maybe I'll even sell thinking caps!).

Have a great weekend.

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