Friday, January 15

I'm currently waging – and losing – a war with my thermostat. It's almost as if it's saying to me, "hey, it's not as cold out as you think" and "look, I'm turning it up because you obviously can't be trusted to do it yourself." I was boiling this morning so I turned it down, and now I can hardly type because my hands are frozen. Longtime readers will remember that I'm a fall and winter guy (summer is hell, etc), but that doesn't mean I like to go out in the cold and snow in a tank top and shorts like some people think cold-lovers want to do. That would be like me saying that I think people who love summer heat put on a heavy coat and ski gloves and a hat and then go to the beach. I like a toasty apartment. For some reason I can't seem to get the balance right as the day goes on. Hold on a second, I'll be right back after I turn up the heat again…

I'm back.

Sorry for the lack of posts here. I've been busy as a two-legged shoe salesman (I have no idea what that means) over at TV Squad. Besides the usual posts, we've been covering the whole Leno/Conan/NBC brouhaha. There seems to be new news every hour and a half on that, and we've been posting a lot. To summarize my thoughts on the matter: I've never liked Leno (I'm a Letterman guy), Conan is funny but hasn't been right for The Tonight Show (though NBC should give him the same time they gave Leno when he took over from Carson – Letterman beat him consistently for quite a while), and NBC doesn't know what they're doing. Leno got better ratings when he was host of Tonight? He didn't have Leno as a lead-in. I don't think people wanted to watch two Tonight Shows every night.

In other news: I know I promised you that the podcast would debut before Christmas, but…the podcast didn't debut before Christmas. How's that for an explanation. It's coming next week or so, along with a new section that I'm going to debut AS LONG AS I CAN GET PEOPLE TO DONATE A FEW BUCKS VIA THAT SPECIAL BUTTON I HAVE IN THE UPPER LEFT HAND CORNER OF THE SITE. Sorry, accidentally had my caps key on there for a moment. Not sure how that happened. Seriously, here's the deal: contribute a few bucks and you'll get some stuff that not everyone gets to see. Oooooooooo! No idea how it will work, either a new site or via e-mail, but I promise it will be every couple of weeks.

OK, time to make a cup of Earl Grey while I wait for the heat to overtake the cold in the apartment. Have a great weekend.

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