I Am Not A Luddite

I was doing a podcast last week and right in the middle of it my phone rang. The caller started to leave a message on my answering machine, which caused my podcast-mates to question why I still had an answering machine in this day and age.

Uh, because I want to get messages?

Honestly, I have a MacBook, a cell phone, three e-mail addresses, an iPod, an iPod Touch, several web sites, I Twitter, and I Skype, and I'm still being accused of someone living in 1994? Come on!

How do you people get messages these days if not via answering machine or voice mail? Is there some futuristic option I'm not aware of?

3 thoughts on “I Am Not A Luddite

  1. Honestly,I have to laugh at you American “cousins” some times, but whats so nice is you don’t have the horrid duplicity which is so evident with Our English…y’know the sort of thing “why use one word when you have the choice of ten” So, thats the status quo in Our language, ulike I hasten to add the consumate ease you our cousins,re-invent the language every time you use it, never mind the hardware! Most Brits if asked (apart from those who aspire to be American)wouldn’t care if the message was delivered on a scrap of paper in a cleft stick, carried at top speed, by a hungry native! As long as there is time to read and digest it…. “who gives a monkey’s”? as they would say.

  2. You complained about CBS giving away Y&R plots. You turned around and gave the plots to everyone on TV Squad. I too, love to guess the direction of the plots and you spoiled it all for me. Thanks!

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