Saturday, February 6

Is it weird that I'm actually a little jealous that Washington, D.C. is getting hit with a major snowstorm and Boston isn't? Don't answer that.

This weekend happens to be the anniversary of the Blizzard of '78, and when the phrase "Blizzard of '78" is mentioned, everyone who went through it nods and instantly flashes back to what they were doing at the time. I was 12 years old and hoping that the storm meant I could stay home from school the first day. Little did I realize that they would call off school for the entire week. When you're praying for one day off from school for a snow day and they end up giving you five snow days, well, that's just the best thing that has ever happened in your life. I remember my family couldn't even get out of the house. There was a drift about six feet tall blocking the doorway. When we finally dug out the door we saw that we couldn't even tell where our yard and the four foot wall ended and where the sidewalk/street began. I remember my brother actually having to jump from our yard over the stairs just to get into the street.

Here are a few videos about the storm. The last one is like a scene from a horror movie where something terrible happens at the end.

I feel so old watching those. It's like I'm watching some old, scratchy, black and white footage of a time that went by long ago. What is it, the 40s, the 50s? No, it's the late 70s and you were 12 years old. It was 32 years ago and you weren't a baby, you were almost a teenager. Maybe I shouldn't have thrown away that AARP pamphlet I got in the mail the other day so quickly.

Went for my daily early morning walk today. As I was passing a bar down the street, a guy stumbled out the front door, drunk. It was 9AM. Even in the days that I drank the most and stayed out late and listened to rock and roll and all that other stuff you do in your 20s, I could never imagine getting drunk at 9 in the morning (if I could even imagine a bar that would be open at that time). Just across the street from guy on the ground I noticed a dead seagull on the ground. Not sure which was in worse condition. I think the seagull smelled better though.

Other than that? The other night I spent five hours – five hours! – trying to get a font exactly right on this site. I'm like that. In the time I could be doing a lot of writing I'll labor over a damn font, because yeah, that's why people come to this site, to see what font I'm using. Ended up keeping the same font I started with. Story of my life.

I'm sending out an e-mail to everyone that explains what I'm up to and what I have in store for this site (if you'd like to be added to my mailing list, send me an e-mail via the link on the left). In short: a podcast, updates to PBJ, and a special pay section where you'll be able to access a new web site with different content (updated weekly) and my 2003 book of essays, Book, with Words and Pages. Plus more, more, more! Have a great weekend.

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