Friday, February 26

The TV meteorologists can say that we didn’t have a hurricane all they want; all I know is that the wind last night was more fierce than anything I can remember in the past 40 years.

Officially the wind gusts reached 70. At one point I thought my house was going to be ripped apart a la Dorothy’s house in The Wizard of Oz. It rattled and shook and creaked and the lights flickered, but everything turned out OK. I did notice that the wind ripped off a box above the front door that has phone wires in it. Verizon has been called but I’m going to assume it’s a low priority when there are neighborhoods that have trees down, flooding, and loss of power.

Earlier in the evening I went to the grocery store. It was a little rainy and windy when I went in, but when I came out it was like hell was being unleashed on Earth. I could barely push my carriage to the car, and when I finally loaded the groceries into the back seat they were soaked. I slammed the door and put the carriage into the corral. Before I got back into the car I looked at the carriage again and the wind had not only turned the carriage around so it could get out of the corral, it pushed the carriage with such a force it sped across the parking lot going I would say around 60 mph. I couldn’t even do anything except watch it and pray that it didn’t hit any cars. Somehow it missed every single car that was parked in the lot, though I think the side of the drugstore might have a mark in it.

I’m glad the power didn’t go out or I wouldn’t have been able to watch “The Pickle Story” episode of The Andy Griffith Show! (Yes, between this show and The Dick Van Dyke Show post below, you know where my tastes lie.) How much do I love this episode? It was actually on the night before and I watched it then too. Hey TV Land: I love that you run mini-marathons of The Andy Griffith Show every night, but could you do me a favor and not show the exact same episodes that you showed the night before? What’s the point of that? Are you trying to burn off certain episodes for some reason? There are around 250 episodes of the show so I’m sure that you could run different episodes the following night and fans wouldn’t mind at all (in fact, you’re doing these marathons for big fans of the show, right? We’d love to see different episodes of the show.

Unless they’re the color episodes. God, the color episodes. No, no, no. [/end rant]

OK, that’s it for the week. Some new stuff though: a new TV Squad Podcast is up (excuse the weird sound from me and Jason) and some new stuff at Professor Barnhardt’s Journal. I had planned to have the first podcast for this site up on Monday, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. Some time later next week though. Have a great weekend.

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