Thursday, May 20

I haven't updated this site a lot in the past month but when I did it was on a Wednesday. So I'm shaking things up a bit by giving you an update on a Thursday! I'm UNPREDICTABLE.

I've been working on several projects. I've already told you about the brand spankin' new TV Squad, and I'm also digging out the book proposal I started a couple of years ago and sent out to agents who wanted me to tweak it. Well, I haven't tweaked it yet but I'm ready to do that now. Tonight is the season finales of both '30 Rock' (which I'll be reviewing for TV Squad – check there late tonight or early tomorrow morning) and 'The Mentalist' (not reviewing this week, just watching). Speaking of 'The Mentalist,' I'll have a new piece about that show up at TVS later this afternoon.

That's it for now. I know, a very short update today. Sorry! More tomorrow. I might even announce that new site of mine that I've been hinting about the past several weeks. Though I could wait until Monday because Friday seems like an odd day to launch a new web site, but we'll see. Again, UNPREDICTABLE!

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