Another year, another birthday.

On one hand it seems weird that I've reached the age of 45. When I was 19 it seemed like such a FUTURISTIC place. When you reach 40 these birthday milestones matter less and less, but there is something about 45 that tips the scales into the "wow" category. Later today I'll be closer to 50 than 40, and that's a funny thought. And by funny I mean "I'll soon be able to send away for that AARP catalog."

I know, I know, people older than me are rolling their eyes right now and thinking, just wait kiddo.

So how am I going to celebrate? I said on Twitter that all of my plans involve the letter M for some reason: watching MST3K and Rifftrax shorts, watching the Gregory Peck movie Mirage (released in 1965 – how appropriate – and I didn't even realize that until after I decided to watch it), listening to Marshall Crenshaw, eating meat pizza, and maybe smoking a Macanudo. Alcohol will be involved, and since I can't really think of any drink I love that begins with the letter M, I'm going with mmmmmmmGin (thanks Jay!).

Oh, and I'll be on TV Talk around 6:30PM ET talking about TV. Tune in, maybe I'll be hammered.

4 thoughts on “45

  1. Hi Bob–just stumbled upon your blog and had to chuckle a little at the perpetual abounding enthusiasm that seems to radiate from your posts (note the tiny dribble of sarcasm there). 😉 Hope your birthday was great.

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