Monday, June 21

We all know that summer really starts on Memorial Day, even if the “official” start of the season isn’t until today, June 21. But last night was the first real awful, humid, sticky, impossible-to-sleep-in night we’ve had here. I tossed and turned more than Bobby Lewis. I said on Facebook that if summer had a “Like” button, I wouldn’t click it.

Wait, what did I just say, something about Facebook? Yes, yes, I’ve joined yet again. I know I’ve joined and quit before (twice), but I’ve found that it really is essential now if you actually want to keep track of people in your life that you don’t see or talk to on a regular basis. When I quit the second time I thought that some of the people on Facebook would just naturally follow me over here. After all, I’ve had this site for 14 years and you can comment here and find out what I’m up to and even e-mail me. But…well, let’s just say that didn’t happen. At all. Which mystifies me a bit, but no matter. I’m on Facebook again, so if you want to follow me there you can click the link on the left. Friend me, Like me, just don’t poke me. And don’t invite me to play games or buy me drinks or anything like that.

I mean, if you want to buy me drinks in real life, well, we can talk.

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