Friday, August 6

In a perfect world, this web site would be updated every single day. I'd have stories and observations and links and video and pictures and all of the other things that blogs have. But it's not a perfect world and I haven't updated this site in a while. Hello!

Actually, there are other blogs where I've been busy busy busy. Not just Professor Barnhardt's but also over at TV Squad. I've been on the day shift for the past couple of weeks, doing the TV Replay videos in the afternoon. It's a very different thing than I'm used to, at least recently. I embed a video highlight of a show from last night or this morning and add some commentary and then post it quick. I think that if I had to watch scenes from The Wendy Williams Show and Maury every day it would eventually force me into some pop culture rehabilitation center where I'd be wearing a straight jacket, but it's been fun.

But the summer is always a slog for me, work-wise. Thank God Labor Day is almost here.

Oh, AND I HURT MY TOE. I won't go into the details but it involves the toenail. I haven't been able to play tennis or even go for my daily walks for the past month, so there goes getting into shape this summer. You would think that I'd try to eat a lot better since I can't exercise.

You would think that. You'd be wrong.

Had a power outage last night. I've experienced dozens and dozens of these events over the years but it's always startling. Just a second before you're watching TV and working on your computer, being cooled by a fan, and then the next moment you're in total darkness (except for the computer) and everything is quiet and the fan isn't cooling you off anymore. There's always a moment of "what do I do?" before you look for the candles and the flashlight.

Thankfully it only lasted about 25 minutes so the food in the fridge should be safe and I didn't have to carry a candle into the bathroom with me like someone in a haunted house movie. It screwed up the router though so I had to figure out how to reset the damn thing. Where is that instruction manual anyway?

That's it for this week. I have an afternoon of TV Squad work ahead of me and then a night of working on some other non-TV writing. Tomorrow (or early Sunday morning) at TVS I'll have a review of Persons Unknown and then on Sunday night look for a rundown on what happened on Mad Men. I'm also working on that Tumblr site I mentioned a while back. I haven't figured out what the hell that will be all about yet. Stay tuned.

And have a great weekend!

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