Labor Day, 2010

And how did you spend your Labor Day? At the beach? A cookout? Work? A brothel?

I spent the entire afternoon transferring all of the Professor Barnhardt’s Journal files I had at Blogger over to here. It took a very…long…time. I think I watched three complete U.S. Open tennis matches while doing it. But it’s good to have those posts over at the current PBJ now, so I don’t have to have readers go to various web sites just to read something in the archives (yes, I’m always thinking of you readers). I still haven’t moved over some scattered back issues of PBJ from the old Tripod page.

Maybe that’s something I can do next Labor Day.

You may also notice a new Donate button in the left hand column, the one with the credit card logos underneath. Why is that there? I just like the way that credit cards look. Well, no. Actually, this web site costs money every month, so if you like what you see and would like to give me a couple of bucks or so, that would be great and I would really appreciate it. As a bonus for people who donate, I’ll include a subscription to a new monthly e-mail newsletter I’ll be doing. This is something that non-paying readers won’t get. Two bucks or more gets you a year’s subscription. Sound good? Get a clickin’ (it’s all done through PayPal and it’s safe and secure).

Thanks in advance.

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