The Big Heat

September is messing with my head. We’ve had a few days this month when it seemed like, you know, fall: cool temps, some wind to give a slight bite to the air, chilly rain. But it was just an atmospheric tease. This week we’re back to soupy humidity. A stale, suffocating air that makes you not want to do a damn thing. It’s going to be October in two days. I don’t want to wear shorts anymore. I don’t want to have to leave my doors and windows open all day and night anymore. I don’t want to toss and turn when I try to sleep at night.

All I ask is that when fall comes around and the kids are back in school and the summer items are put away until next year, can we just have  cooler temps that actually lock in for the season? I get as much pleasure putting on long pants and a heavy jacket as other people get from sitting on a beach with a cold drink.

In between pools of sweat forming on my back I’ve been watching a lot of film noir lately. I love The Big Heat (the movie, not the temperature). It has one of those moments that can surprise even the most jaded watcher of film. A scene that actually made me jump a little bit because I wasn’t quite sure where the film was going to go (it helps if you try to read up too much on a film and for some reason the plot of The Big Heat wasn’t something known to me beforehand). People who have seen the film will know what I’m talking about (the car) but I won’t spoil it here. But it’s a rather shocking moment, well filmed, with the action in the background, and gives the film an emotional heft. Anyway, really good flick.

This is good too:

In other movie news, George Lucas is re-releasing all of the Star Wars movies in 2012, only this time in 3D. This is not good.

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