Cough, Crackle, Blackout, Wheee!


I’ve been feeling under the weather since the time I came home from Thanksgiving festivities. No, it wasn’t the meal, which was, as always, perfect and delicious and satisfying. This is that dreary thing that almost everyone else I know has: sore throat, cough, body aches, ears crackling every time I swallow, like someone is making Jiffy Pop popcorn in my head.

Note to younger readers: before microwaves we actually made popcorn on the stove.

There are two good things about getting sick. One, it’s your body telling you that you have to slow down a bit (that’s how I look at it anyway). This is a good thing. We all need to slow down and once in a great while the body forces you to do just that. The second good thing? Friends hear that you’re sick and send you incredible Get Well packages with tea and chocolate and a crossword puzzle book. (Thanks Jade!)

Receiving something like that made me feel better instantly. As did a new computer! No one sent me one, I had to buy it myself. A Macbook Pro. The old Macbook lasted a few years but then needed $450 worth of display repairs and it just wasn’t worth it when the low end Macbooks are $999. It’s great when you just have to buy a new Mac.

I loved my old Macbook, but the Pro is like a spaceship compared to that one. Very happy with it.

About two hours after getting the Macbook we had a massive power outage in town. I’m assuming I didn’t cause it. It affected several towns around me and 30,000 homes. Power came back about three hours later. Which is good, because it wouldn’t have been fun to be sick while not having any heat in the house.

OK, time for more tea. That’s pretty much my diet this week. Have a great weekend.

3 thoughts on “Cough, Crackle, Blackout, Wheee!

  1. I just got a the $999 Macbook Pro too. Loving it … especially since my last laptop was one of those cheapy $200 ones that has less memory than a flash drive.

    Also, is it snowing on your blog?

    Feel better, Bob.

  2. Snowing? On my blog? I think you’re imagining things.

    (Ha, just kidding! Yes, it is indeed snowing. A cool effect.)

    The Pro is actually the one up from the $999 model of Macbook. They had a deal on it on Black Friday, $100 off the usual price of $1198 so I grabbed one.

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