I’m just getting over being sick – sore throat, tired, coughing – but now it looks like I might be getting into a legal battle that might make me sick in a different way.

Here’s the story. I’ve been publishing Professor Barnhardt’s Journal since 2002. The old web site was at my old URL, I paid them a lot of money over the years to keep my blog/magazine there. But last month I decided to switch PBJ over to a free site at Blogger, here.

When you leave Typepad, you give up the URL you had. So now someone else has the URL. I assume this person’s name isn’t even “Bob Sassone,” but there’s nothing I can do about it. And that would be fine, I guess. But this person has also stolen my Professor Barnhardt’s Journal content! And the people at Typepad/Six Apart/Say Media can’t even see it.

Old site at Typepad.

Similar pages from PBJ.

You’d think that this would be as easy as a.) looking at both sites, and b.) looking at my payment records at Typepad and when I got the site and looking at the records of the new person who has that URL. But no, they want me to file a Digital Millennium Copyright Act notice instead. The person who has the Typepad URL now hasn’t even updated the site in a month and a half, and if you look at his blog roll on the right side of his page they seem very “spammy” to me.

I’m not sure if the new person who has this URL is doing it on purpose or if this is some tech glitch mistake where the info was copied automatically because I had the URL at one time (it looks like some of the content hasn’t been copied). I DON’T KNOW. But I do know that it’s getting ridiculous.

I’ve given them all of the info I can give them and they seem to have all of the info they need to see that my copyrighted info has been stolen, but for some reason they can’t see it. And it is becoming frustrating, tedious, and I sense that I’m going to have to make this a legal matter instead of a common sense matter that we can handle very quickly.

Sometimes I hate the web.

If anyone at Typepad/Six Apart/SAY Media wants to contact me about this you and settle it you can do it via my e-mail link above or by the phone # I gave you in one of my three e-mail responses to your customer support. Thanks!

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