The Cable “Guy”

The cable guy came yesterday. Actually, it was a woman, but the term “cable guy” is implanted into our minds and it’s one of those phrases that we repeat no matter what the gender of the person involved. I also do the same thing with the mailman. I have a mailMAN, but even if it was a woman I’d call her the mailman. Sorry! Hope that doesn’t make me seem sexist.

The problem? It _____ the _____ box. _____ kept _____ and _____ and the screen would _____  and _____ all pixel_____. If you think that’s irritating to read in print imagine trying to listen to it. It got to be very annoying and very frustrating, so I decided that two years of it happening was enough. Enough! Actually it didn’t happen all the time – prime time TV and early mornings seemed the worst for some reason – which was one of th reasons I could live with it for a couple of years. But it started to happen enough where a phone call had to be made.

I think the breaking point was when I tried to watch 30 Rock and had to switch to the local analog station just to hear the jokes (rather essential when you review the show every single week).

She replaced the cable box – which needed replacing anyway since it was several years old and caked with more dust than…I don’t know, something that collects a lot of dust. She replaced some of the wires in the box outside too. Now I can hear what people are saying again. Yeehah!

Big news coming later this week. Well, at least I think it’s big news. Others might greet it with a shrug or an eye roll and maybe both. What is it? It has to do with that “Donate” button on the right.

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