Links (And Not Much Else)

This is one of those posts where I pretty much just give you a bunch of links to click. But first…

I hinted in the previous entry that there I was working on a major new project, something that would involve the donate button on the right (side note: please donate!). I’m still working on it. Nothing I care to talk about right now since it’s something I really, really have to get right before I unleash it to the world — I don’t want to do it half-assed — but I’ll have more info at the end of next week.

Now, some stuff I’ve done recently:

Spoilers, The Web, and the Way Things Used To Be.

Six Things I Want To See in Aaron Sorkin’s New Show.

30 Rock review.

I’m also doing the daily What’s On Tonight posts again at TV Squad. Check back every day at 12:30PM ET for a rundown of, well, what’s on that night.

See you next week.

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