Hello March!

It’s official: I’m sick of the snow and cold.

This may seem like an odd thing to see on this site, especially to people who read it regularly and know that I love the fall and winter approximately 700 times more than the spring and summer. But there comes a time when even someone like me wants it all to go away. And that time is the end of February, when the piles of snow aren’t white and quaint and seasonal, they’re just a mountain of black that makes every street look decrepid and tired, and you’re sick of having to keep the shovels and rock salt and boots near the front door. Let’s bring in March and get the spring started with, shall we?

(Ask me again the first week of July.)

Ran into a good friend at the grocery store this weekend. His whole family, actually. Talked to them for a while in one of the aisles, and as we separated and I pushed my cart along to finish my shopping, I should have realized something was up because I had been through this before. Sure enough, when I got a few aisles away from him – I think I was in the aisle with the candy and nuts and popcorn – I saw that he had placed a box of StayFree maxi-pads in my cart. I actually started laughing out loud, which got a look from a woman standing several feet from me. I wanted to explain to her that I’m wasn’t laughing at her and I certainly wasn’t laughing because someone had secretly placed potentially embarrassing feminine hygiene products in my cart, I’m actually laughing at this bag of Milky Ways! But that wouldn’t have been a very good explanation either.

I’m already planning my revenge. I don’t know what I’m going to do yet, but I know it involves a case of condoms, a giant bucket of soup, and YouTube.

New piece at TV Squad: five popular shows that should be canceled. And don’t forget I’m once again doing the What’s On Tonight posts every day at 12:30pm.

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