Hello People Of The Internet!

This is how fast things travel in the age of the web. Within a few minutes of my mention on Twitter about The Great AOL Firings of 2011 (TM), I had a ton of visitors to this site, messages from friends, and tweets from former co-workers, some I hadn’t heard from in years. If you were fired in 1992, nobody knew or cared except the people in your immediate circle. And it usually took a phone call or two.

Anyway, thanks, and hello to all of the new readers who came from a link on another site or a tweet or from one of the sites I used to work for. It’s always fun to see the traffic numbers go up and up and up.

I’ve been doing this site since 1996, and you’ll find a lot of stuff here. This page is the blog, and you can follow me via the RSS at the top of the page or on the right. I try to update the page several times a week. Professor Barnhardt’s Journal is the web mag/blog I’ve been doing since 2002. Lots of stuff in the archive there too (including essays and lists from writers other than myself, including Roger Ebert, Michael J. Nelson, and many others).

Want to know more about me? Check out my bio. I also updated my writing archive, with links to stuff I’ve written over the years. I still have a lot to scan/type/upload (also: dig out of my closet). Thanks for visiting! Send me an e-mail if you desire, or leave a comment below.

In other news, a conversation I had at the supermarket last night:

Teenage girl clerk, scanning my groceries while having three different conversations with co-workers: Do you have your Stop and Shop card?

Me: I don’t have one.

40 seconds later…

Teenage girl clerk: Do you have your Stop and Shop card?

Me: No

30 seconds later…

Teenage girl clerk:  I wish someone would help me bag this stuff!!!! Did I ask you if you had your Stop and Shop card?

Me: Actually, that’s the third time you’ve asked.

Teenage girl clerk: Oh, I’ve been working all day! I had to go to driving lessons from 9 to 3 and now I’ve been working here since then.

Me: Heh, well, life doesn’t get easier when you get older.

Teenage girl clerk: I know, but I thought I wouldn’t have to put up with this stuff when I’m this age! I thought I wouldn’t have to put up with it until I’m 45!!!

That’s my age. I sense this is the type of girl whose attitude won’t change at age 21 or 33 or 45. She’s in for a lot of disappointment. And she crushed my bread by putting a 6-pack of Diet Pepsi on top of it.

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