Something’s Gotta Give

So I’m in the process of completely rearranging my whole life. How are you doing?

That sounds dramatic, but it’s not really. It’s just that with everything that has happened recently I need to start over with certain things, update other things, and change the way I do many other things. Yes, that’s vague. Vague is my middle name (note: vague isn’t really my middle name). Let’s just say it involves an enormous amount of paperwork and phone calls.

Also: I need a freakin’ job. In the meantime, if you’d like to send a few bucks my way via this page, I wouldn’t be against it! And your donation will get you access to certain things that are coming up on the site and in print. Thanks!

Next Monday: the first of those secret projects is revealed! I’m also going to try something I’ve tried before: posting every single day here! What I post might not be incredibly long, but I’ll try to post something here Monday through Friday, even if it’s a video.

Sure, I’ve attempted to do this 27 times before, but there’s no reason to think number 28 won’t be the charm!

Add your thoughts:

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