Here’s Why I Don’t Call 2011 “Twenty-Eleven”

I was recently ridiculed – for the second or third time, actually – for calling 2011 “two thousand eleven.” A lot of people think we should call these years “twenty-eleven,” “twenty-twelve,” “twenty-thirteen,” and so on. In fact, that’s pretty much how I hear people on TV and online pronouncing the year. And I see their point. After all, we didn’t call 1995 “one thousand nine hundred ninety-five,” we said the “19” and the “95.” So why not say the “20” and the “11?”

Here’s why: the name of Stanley Kubrick’s classic space movie.

3 thoughts on “Here’s Why I Don’t Call 2011 “Twenty-Eleven”

  1. Stanley Kubrick? That’s not a good reason to ditch a centuries-old ‘two-part’ naming convention that ‘s also very easy and efficient to pronounce. Good thing many people see the folly of continuing the last decade’s clunky and over-long two thousand’ convention for 2010 (twenty-ten) onward.
    For them its twenty-xxxx, as it is for me. (I’m an early adopter: I said 2001 as ‘twenty-oh-one’. Why? because 1901 is nineteen-oh-one. 20, not 2,000, follows 19)

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