Buy! Buy! Buy!

Question: can you still call it a donation if you get something in return?

Several readers have clicked the “Donate” button on the right hand side of the page and sent me a few bucks (or more). Thanks! Much appreciated. But this isn’t just a tip jar I have set up – though if folks want to give me a few bucks because they like what they see here, that’s great – you actually get something.

I’m starting a new print newsletter thing in June September 2012. It will be monthly, and it will be delivered to the mailbox outside your home by a person in a uniform! It’s just $12.00 for the entire year. What will the newsletter have? Essays, articles, fiction, humor, and more. This is stuff that won’t be found anywhere else, including this web site. And you’ll get it every month in your (snail) mailbox.

And remember: all the stuff at this site and at Professor Barnhardt’s Journal has been and always will be free. Maybe if you’ve enjoyed this stuff over the past 15 years you might want to give a little anyway, and you’ll get the newsletter too! Plus there’s more and more stuff – new sites, podcasts, etc – coming in the months ahead.

Sound good? Click the “Donate” button. It’s safe and secure and downright fun, all handled through PayPal.

And again, thank you.

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