It Has Begun

Sorry there was no post yesterday. I’ve been playing around with the system, setting posts to go live at a certain time instead of immediately like I usually do. I did something wrong and…well, it didn’t publish. And that ruins my “post every day” strategy. The best laid plans of ghost mice and men…

Anyway, it has begun. Yesterday was the first day of the season where I said to myself “wow, summer is coming.” It was calm and bright and slighty muggy, uncomfortable because it seemed so out of place. Shorts and screen door and sweating weather. I guess I’m ready for it, but only in a “we might as well get this out of the way” sort of way. So it’s going to be a three month slog of humidity and despair until we reach Labor Day. Now that I’m doing these posts every day, I can complain about the heat every day this summer! Something to look forward to.

In other news, here’s the final nail in the TV Squad coffin.


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