News Flash: This site is now optimized for iPad! Whatever that means. It looks really cool though!

Bad day here in MA, weather-wise. We don’t usually get tornadoes. Today we got a ton. Lots of damage, hail, power outages, and four deaths. Tornadoes are usually a midwest thing, so it’s a very odd thing when we get them here. Local news hasn’t cut to a commercial in five hours.

Not much happening in my town, which is near the coast. The cooler air from the ocean helps knock the storms down a little bit as they head east. Which is good, because I don’t have a basement, and I have no idea what I would do if a tornado actually did hit. I guess I’d have to flee. I’d take the Macbook with me and whatever clothes I could grab. Important papers, money, some pictures.

A flash of lightning just appeared out my window.

This is the type of thing you don’t really have to think about with snowstorms. It’s one of the good things about living in the Northeast. We can’t imagine what people in the middle of the country go through year after year. We got a little taste today and it’s quite scary.

In other news, I’m playing L.A. Noire. So far it seems to be as good as you’ve heard, which scares me because I don’t usually play video games and I’m worried I’m going to become addicted to it, finding myself up at 2:40am, a bottle of Pepsi to my right and a bag of chips to my left. It’s one of those games that completely immerses you in the world. You have to collect clues, talk to other characters, keep a notebook of clues, etc. It’s very involved. It’s not a first person shooter or a game where you collect pieces of fruit or a game where you just sit there and blast asteroids. This is going to take hours to get through, and I’m not used to that.

Put it this way: I’m only on the first case and I’ve already smashed into a bunch of cars, five buildings, four people, and a dumpster. It’s nighttime in the game right now and I’m not used to the controller (God these modern controllers are complex!). It would probably help my investigation immensely if I didn’t keep pressing the wrong button while the hero is driving to the crime scene, causing the hero to stop the car and get out in the middle of the street for some reason.

But it’s fun! And really great to look at too (it’s set in 1947 L.A.). There are 50 clips from various films noir scattered throughout the game. Hopefully I’ll find them before I accidentally kill a witness or drive my car off a pier.

Speaking of that era, here’s a fun video from 1940, talking about the exciting world of newspaper journalism! News flash (or no Flash, in this case): you can’t watch it on the iPad, even if I do have that optimization. But again: it looks cool!

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