I took the past couple of days off from the web – except for a few posts on Twitter and Facebook – because Thursday was my 46th birthday.

46! Seems like an impossible age – well, not impossible, maybe just odd to think about – but I said the same thing the day after I turned 45 and I realized that I was now officially closer to 50 than 40. But these are the years that really don’t mean anything, right? Sort of like the ages between 21 and 25 or the years between 36 and 40. Turning 46 isn’t a big deal in the grand scheme of things, there’s no symbolism, and it’s not an “important” age. The same will be said about 47 and 48, though I guess a case could be made that 49 is a big age because it’s the last one before the BIG FIVE-OH.

I spent the day reading, watching TV, reading a little. That’s the same description of what I do the other 364 days of the year, actually. But this one included alcohol. And cake! I bought one of those small Pepperidge Farm cakes, with vanilla frosting and coconut shavings on top. I watched the Sox/Yankees and also a marathon of 50s sci-fi movies on TCM – Them! (excellent), The Cosmic Monsters (terrible), and The Black Scorpion (OK).

I played more L.A. Noire too. I don’t play a lot of video games, and when I do I don’t play these long, involved, RPGs, so it’s very hard to get used to. I’ve made it to detective though, and the cases are getting easier to solve now that I’ve figured out the controls. I forgot how satisfying it is to complete a level of a video game, especially a level that you’ve been stuck on for three hours.

(For those of you who play the game, it was “The Driver’s Seat.” I couldn’t tail the suspect to his apartment without crashing into cars and having the siren go off, so I just restarted the level and arrested him at the bar. Throwing handcuffs on someone can solve a lot of problems I’ve found.)

So now that the b-day is done, I have to get this web site for the book up. It’s a chore. Shooting for Monday. We’ll see how it goes. Have a great weekend!

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