In The Mood

I’m not in the best mood today. Oh, I’m not angry and I’m not throwing things across the room, and it’s not even one of those moods where you brood so much you just keep sighing out loud (even if there’s no one to hear it). It’s just one of those frustrating things where you don’t know what to do next or who can help you do that thing you need to do next (even if there were people to help you do it)

I don’t want to get into the particulars, because it will make me look petty, impatient, and possibly foolish. Let’s just say that certain things that I thought would happen by now haven’t happened, and they don’t look like they’re going to happen in the near future. They might happen later, but I’d like them to happen now. Yes, that’s vague. And yes, I’m impatient.

And disappointed.

Anyway, it’s not all gloom. Over at Professor Barnhardt’s Journal, a treat: the first chapter of my friend Lee Goldberg’s new novel Watch Me Die. Actually, it’s not exactly “new.” He released the book several years ago under the name The Man with the Iron On Badge. But he decided to breathe some new life into it and re-release it under a new title. It’s a really great read.

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