Saturday morning. Rain. This is not a bad thing.

A lot of people get depressed by the rain, although I’m not quite sure why being in a good mood even when it’s raining would be considered a bad thing. It would seem to me that the people who can be happy when it rains are the ones who see things in a better light. It’s easy to be happy when it’s “nice” weather, right? (Though I would never consider sunny, hot weather as “nice”).

Rain is putting a damper (ha) on the Fiesta. The Fiesta is the annual carnival/celebration here in town that honors St. Peter, the patron saint of fishermen. But any rain that disturbs that doesn’t really bother me. I’m beyond Fiesta-enjoyment age, I think, unless I had kids. Which I don’t.

There are three scenarios where you can love the Fiesta as an adult:

1. You’re a kid (which is impossible if you’re an adult).

2. You’re the parent of a kid.

3. You’re really into all things Italian and/or Portuguese.

Even at 46 I’m the type of guy who likes a good, big carnival, with games and rides for adults as much as the kids, but this isn’t that. This is a smaller fair, with a few rides, some games, and a giant stage for music. Lots of food, but it’s not the type of food you seek out unless you’re already there. So I have no interest in the event anymore.

I guess there’s a fourth category of people who enjoy the Fiesta: young people who get drunk. I was one of those people. I remember going through the Fiesta in the 80s with friends, after several beers, and enjoying the sights and sounds and food and bumping into people I knew and going down to watch the boat races and the Greasy Pole walking and all that. But those days are long gone, and when I read accounts of people getting drunk and causing a ruckus and getting arrested, I just sigh and shake my head.

Kids these days. They don’t even know how to get drunk and have fun anymore.

Thanks to everyone who checked out the new Book, with Words and Pages site. I hadn’t looked at the book for 6 years or so and had forgotten how much I liked it. I’m really proud of it and I hope you enjoy it too.

More new stuff in the works too, including a new print thing coming in September. But now I’ve got 10 hours of Wimbledon to watch. 10 hours!

(Remember that time I said I was going to post something here every single day? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!)

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