Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Piece of advice: don’t lose a job in the summer.

Why? It makes it nearly impossible to muster any energy for the job hunt. If you’re doing a job hunt right, it should almost be a full-time job itself. (It’s a lot easier to work a full-time job than to search for a job.) Spending all day looking for a job in punishing humidity, the sweat getting into your eyes as you type at the computer, is frustrating and physically painful. I feel like packing up my laptop and going down to the liquor store and setting up a desk in their walk-in beer cooler. (Note to self: check to see if this is possible, and if it is, will the cold temperatures affect your Macbook?)

Dear future employers: if you’re going to fire me, could you do it in October?

Right now my little temperature widget says that it’s 78 degrees. That can’t be right, unless the humidity is at 344 %. It’s so humid in my apartment – for some reason you can add about 75 points to the outside level here every summer – that I had the urge to run out and grab something from the ice cream truck when I heard the melody playing through the window. Then I remembered that I stocked my freezer with various ice cream treats: Popsicles, Heath Bar Klondikes, and Almond Good Humor Bars. These, to be exact.

They’ve changed the box and the logo in recent years, though it’s good to see the Good Humor Man’s smiling face is still there. Here’s a commercial from 1993.

He has gotten into a lot of adventures over the years, judging from this movie from 1950. Today the title and the plot almost sounds like something from a porn movie. “Lady, I only sell ice cream!”

God I loved Lola Albright. Written by the same people who wrote The Fuller Brush Man (Frank Tashlin and Roy Huggins). Did they have a series of movies based on items sold on at or near your front door? Was there an Avon Lady movie? A Girl Scout cookie movie?

More on Thursday. In the meantime, lots of new stuff over at Professor Barnhardt’s Journal.

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