Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I actually had this post all ready to go yesterday but then I forgot to make it live and went to bed, where I remembered my forgetfulness but didn’t want to get out of bed, turn on my computer, go to the site and click the publish button. Sorry!

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I’m starting a print publication in September. It’s going to be a monthly…thing. It will include essays and other writing you won’t be able to find anywhere else, including this site. I know that’s a quaint idea in this day of web sites and RSS feeds and The Facebook, but wouldn’t it be fun to get something in your snail mail box every single month like that?

I might even type it on a typewriter.

It’s going to be $13.00 a year, or a little over a buck a month. But if you wanted to get a subscription early (and why wouldn’t you?), have I got a deal for you! For the rest of July, if you get a subscription, it’s 50% off. That means you get an entire year for only $6.50! Come on, that’s a deal, no? Hit the Donate button on the right (and read more details about it here). First issue comes out Labor Day week.

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