Friday, July 22, 2011

It’s 6:07PM as a I type this and it’s 99 degrees. Which means it was probably over 100 at some point during the day, and with the humidity factored in, we’re talking, what, 105, 107? At a certain point, does it even matter? Oh, don’t be crazy, it’s not 107. It’s only 105!

Gah. This is the type of weather where you just want to sit still in front of a fan and eat Popsicles. So that’s exactly what I did.

I know what you’re thinking: sure Bob, you say you hate the heat, but you’ll be begging for it in the middle of January! Oh, how well you don’t know me. I’ll take extreme cold over extreme heat anyway. It’s a lot easier to warm up in the cold than it is cool down when you’re hot. There’s only so many pieces of clothing you can take off before the police slap the cuffs on you. In the winter, you can put on layers of clothing, put on a blanket, turn the heat up another notch, get a nice warm cup of coffee or tea to warm the hands and the soul.

Humidity just sucks the soul out of you. It’s relentless and all-consuming, and I hate it. I always get a kick out of people who say they just love the heat and humidity, and then they spend the entire summer trying to find a place with air conditioning.

That’s my standard pic for the summer heat, by the way. Used the same one last year. The temp depicted in the pic (depicted in the pic?) actually matches what the temp was today (give or take). I’m going to stop typing now because looking at that pic just makes me feel worse.

Have a great weekend, and stay warm. Just kidding! Stay cool.

(Oh, new post up at Professor Barnhardt’s Journal, the trailer to the new movie Drive. Oooooo, red band!)

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