15 Years!

Hey, it’s the 15th anniversary of this site! I’m not even sure what the exact date is. I know it’s late summer – and the archives dropdown menu to the right confirms this – but I think I might have had one or two posts up even before that. Let’s just say that September is when all of this started.

I remember having a discussion back in the 90s with a coworker. I was working as an advertising rep for a free weekly in Boston – $7.00 an hour but at least I got to commute to work on the train and subway three hours a day – and he asked me why I had a web site. It struck me as one of those odd questions where, if you’re asking a question like that, you’re never, ever going to understand the answer.

This site wasn’t a blog back then, of course. The term hadn’t even been invented yet. We all had “online journals.”

The site-making software wasn’t that easy to use back then. We didn’t have blogging sites that automated and hosted everything for us. We had to do a lot of things by hand. And dagnabit we liked it! I remember, vividly, teaching myself HTML at one in the morning, trying to make every single page of my site look juuuuuust the way I wanted it to look. I spent hours, days, weeks trying to get just the right color, just the right header on every single page.

You haven’t lived until you’re in front of your computer at 2AM and you can’t figure out why everything is in bold. There’s a <B> that isn’t closed off and I can’t find it, damn it! I went through that dozens of times.

But you know what? It was fun as hell. I really thought I was doing something when I created this site out of nothing. Before when you were a writer, you had to be just a part of a publication, a contributor. Now the web made it possible for being to make and control their own publications. There’s something astounding about that, really, even if it’s old hat at this point.

But I like old media too! Which brings up to the print thing.

Labor Day sort of sneaked up on me this year. This wouldn’t be a big deal but the first issue of the newsletter (or whatever I’m going to call it) was going to be sent out this week. Well, that’s not gonna happen. The new launch date is the first week of October. But this is good for two reasons: one, it will give me some time to get together the things I need to get together for this to work, and two, it will coincide with the anniversary of Professor Barnhardt’s Journal’s launch (PBJ will be 9 years old next month). Hey, there’s an easy way to remember anniversaries: make sure they all fall on the same day.

(If you have no idea what the hell I’m talking about, click the links in the BUY section to the right. Give a little cash and you get a monthly print publication every month for a year. That’s right, dead trees and everything! What you’ll get in the print version won’t be found anywhere else. Should be fun.)

I have a lot of things in the works: besides the monthly print thing and this site and PBJ, I’m putting together another web site (yes, yes, I know). I’m also writing a book, but I really hate to talk about writing books because then everyone wants to know what it’s about and I hate talking about such giant projects (and writing a book is a giant project).

So lots of stuff coming up. Did I mention you can get a newsletter mailed to you every single month for a year for a small fee? It’s true! Order now before the post office goes out of business and I have to deliver it to your house myself!

P.S. The pic above is the pic I used to use a lot on the site in “the olden days.” (Note: those are not my actual hands.)

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