Even When You’re Feeling Warm, The Temperature Could Drop Away

Welcome to the weirdest November in the history of Novembers.

Seriously, I can’t remember a fall this odd (except for the fall that ABC greenlighted Cavemen. Wasn’t that weird?). You know how at the end of September/early October, the supermarket will have Halloween candy, beach items, and Christmas decorations, all on one shelf? That’s what the weather has been like here.

Today is was almost 70 degrees and the trees are still filled with green leaves. A few weeks ago Massachusetts had a massive snowstorm. Tonight it’s supposed to get down 44, then 65 again tomorrow. We set the clocks back an hour last weekend, and it just doesn’t feel like November. At all.

Thanksgiving is in two and a half weeks and it feels like March. Christmas is next month, for heaven’s sake. I see the Christmas commercials on TV, with everyone shopping and dancing at the mall as they buy gifts and put giant red bows on expensive cars and their kids become snowmen but melt when they eat soup, and I just can’t get into the holiday spirit. The Christmas specials are going to start soon, and those are things that shouldn’t happen until all of the leaves have turned brown and/or fallen off the trees. Linus has already waited for the Great Pumpkin again and he didn’t come.

There’s no bite to the air, no chill. It doesn’t make sense that I can go outside at 7PM without a jacket on. Maybe if I start listening to some Christmas music I’ll get in the mood. I’ll just have to avoid “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” for now because, baby, it’s not.

In other news, I have one of those “avoiding the sink” injuries you keep hearing about but never think will happen to you. I washed my hands in the bathroom, and after drying them on the towel I turned to leave the bathroom and suddenly found myself off balance, my right hip headed straight for side of the sink.  I quickly rocked my hip to the right to avoid it and then had to move quickly again to avoid slamming into the door frame. The result? Pulled muscle in the shoulder blade/lower neck area. It’s hard to sleep and if I lean my upper body the wrong way it feels like someone is stabbing me with a giant sewing needle dipped in hot lava.


2 thoughts on “Even When You’re Feeling Warm, The Temperature Could Drop Away

  1. I agree. In the past week I’ve worn flannel pajamas and heavy socks and yet today I felt like turning on the a/c. Tomorrow, going down into at least the 40s and they’re talking about snow showers. Then back up into the 60s.

    Went to Logan’s Roadhouse tonight and they had wreaths up with peanuts on them, along with matching garland. WTF is that? We haven’t even had Thanksgiving yet.

    And yeah, stupidest injury ever. lol

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