Baby, It’s Not Cold Outside

And a hearty “Rabbits!” to you.

This is what you’re supposed to say on the first day of every month (or “rabbit, rabbit”). I always forget why, but I learned it in school when I was a kid (Googling…Googling…Wikipedia!). Of course, I never, ever remember this, which probably means I’m cursed forever and I’m eventually going to grow a third foot and never win the lottery.

You’re supposed to get a present at the end of the month if you say it, but it’s December and that’s going to happen anyway. But I’ll say it today just to be safe.

In other December news, it’s December! Which means it’s finally cold and late fall-ish. Except it isn’t. Not really. It was cold-ER today, but not really cold. I put the storm door in anyway. Something has to put me in the Christmas mood and I’m hoping it’s a combination of putting the glass in the door for the winter, pine-scented candles placed around the living room, and listening to Dean Martin’s Christmas album nonstop. But baby, it’s not cold outside.

Maybe the snow falling on this very site will put me in the mood.

This will be short because I have two big articles due in the next couple of days. I’ll have a new post here on Tuesday or Wednesday. In the meantime, come visit me at my day job at Have a great weekend.

(Oh, Thanksgiving? It was great – family, turkey, and approximately 37 different kinds of pie.)

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