Martha And Me

It seems appropriate that the last post I wrote for my most recent day job was about The Martha Stewart Show being canceled. Appropriate because I was canceled this week too.

OK, maybe canceled isn’t the exact word. I don’t think people get canceled. And I wasn’t fired and I didn’t quit. Let’s just say it was a mutual decision for all parties involved and leave it at that. It’s not something I want to rehash.

Instead, let’s talk about THE FUTURE! On Monday I’ll have an update on the print publication that I’m starting at the end of this month. I had planned to start the letter – which is what I’m calling it right now, though that might change depending on what other word sounds good to me – in December, but the holidays and other concerns got in the way and I had to push it back. But January is a good time to start new things, no? Like years and resolutions and new publications.

It’s going to be a “good thing!” Have a great weekend.