On Not Winning $250,000

I didn’t win a quarter of a million dollars over the weekend. Maybe you didn’t either, but did you even try?

I’m playing the board game my local supermarket (no, not this one) has been running for the past few months. You buy groceries and they give you a ticket. You open it up and there are four game pieces inside. You place the pieces on a game board and if you collect the right combo, you get a prize: $250,000, cars, trips, electronic goodies, shopping sprees, that sort of thing. You even get a coupon on every ticket, so by just playing the game you’re getting something.* From all of the shopping I did the past few months, I had accumulated around 250 tickets.

That’s 1000 game pieces (yeah, I should have checked them all immediately instead of having to go through a pile of them all in one night, but I didn’t really think about it) . The first half dozen that I placed on the board put me in a position to actually win something: $50,000, a digital camera package, and a new iPad! I thought to myself, hey, if I’m this close to winning and I still have 994 game pieces to go, I’m bound to win something, right?

Apparently that’s not how it works. 994 game pieces later and I still hadn’t won anything. I went through all the game pieces and all I had to show for it was a sad pile of ripped paper on my coffee table and on the floor. So I just sat there, wondering where all the fabulous prizes had gone. No cheap $2 cash prize, no store gift card, not even Rice-A-Roni, the San Francisco treat.

I went shopping again yesterday and they gave me 26 more tickets (they’re doubling up on them now because the game is over this week). I’ll keep you posted, but people, don’t hold your breath.

* Though even the coupons were rather disappointing. I mean, 25 cents off baking soda?

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