What Happened?

Where did this week go? I don’t mean to say that I accidentally misplaced it or that it fell between the cushions of my couch, I just mean that the entire week flew by, and every day seemed to zoom zoom zoom like a bullet train. Every day this week I would turn on my computer, really excited about getting things done, and then I’d look up and see that somehow 9AM had turned into 5:30PM. How does that happen without you realizing it?

The Internet is a great yet terrible thing for writers.


The coverage is insane. This is was happens when you have a player come out of nowhere in the age of Twitter and Facebook and a 24 hour news cycle. I feel sorry for the guy. There’s no way he can live up to the quick hype (nor should he have to). I love sports, but it’s stories like this where I realize that the people who don’t like sports might have a point (and the same can be said of the whole celebrity culture in general – as I type this Whitney Houston’s funeral is in progress. It’s “a private service, for family and friends only.” Plus the millions of people watching on NBC, E! and CNN).

That headline from ESPN was truly horrifying and hopefully people were fired over it. It’s bizarre how quick things happen now. In the space of a week, thanks to the web, we have the explosion of his popularity, the tweets and the Facebook posts about his popularity, the laughable attempts to explain his popularity, the backlash about his popularity, the game where he comes down to Earth (gee, you mean he’s human after all and sports can change game to game?!?), and the ugly headlines and jokes. Being famous is so quick and efficient now, isn’t it?

It’s Lin-sanity alright, if you’re talking about the media coverage.

I’m working on the first issue of The Letter, which includes trying to figure out whether I should even call each letter an “issue.”

Have a great weekend! I wish it would snow.

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