See! For The First Time!

Don’t you hate it when you go to a site and the first blog entry in quite a while starts off with “I’ve been meaning to update this blog but…?” Yeah? OK, I won’t even mention it then.

Instead, let’s talk about bad movies! Just when you think you’ve seen all of the horrible movies that have been made, along comes Frankenstein vs. the Space Monster. It was on IFC earlier today and when I saw the title and the premise I had to stop my channel surfing and watch it. It was released the year I was born and somehow I feel compelled to apologize for that.

I love bad movies – or should I say “good” bad movies, the kind that are so bad they’re entertaining – but this was a chore to get through. Even the editing of the trailer can’t hide was a hideous mish-mash this is (and note the last word uttered by the announcer – long before Fry the pizza delivery guy it was used at the 1939 World’s Fair):

Bad acting? Check. Ridiculous special effects and make-up? Check. Stock footage? Check! Check! Check! Add to that girls in bikinis and explosions and 60s beach party music that seems to come out of nowhere. Oh, if you’re looking for some sort of Frankenstein in this movie, you’re probably going to be disappointed (unless you don’t mind if your Frankensteins are half human/half android astronauts).

This is one of the many bizarre scenes. No, there’s nothing wrong with the video (unless of course there’s something wrong with the video):

According to Wikipedia, the film is also known as Mars Attacks Puerto Rico.

You might have noticed that the launch date of The Letter has been pushed back from April to June. I want to get it right. I’ve said that before and it hasn’t changed. I just haven’t gotten it right until now. I’ve been playing around with what form the monthly letters should take and pretty much convinced myself at one point that they should lean more toward elaborate newsletters or magazines than actual letters. But then I realized that was rather dumb since it would ruin the intent of the thing. Expect the first one in the middle of June (and thanks for subscribing).

Have a great weekend (which you’ll probably spend at The Avengers. I’m waiting for the DVD.)

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