In My Head

I never get headaches. I guess I’m one of those lucky – and when I say lucky I mean lucky/weird – people who can go through months, even years, without getting a headache. Which means I can go months or years without taking an Advil or an aspirin. This doesn’t make sense to a lot of people. It’s like casually mentioning to people that you haven’t had a glass of water in a year or you haven’t gone to the bathroom in 6 months. Headaches and pills are an everyday part of everyone’s life that it doesn’t seem to make sense if someone doesn’t interact with them at least once in a while. But I can count on one hand the number of headaches I’ve had in the past 10 years. And even those were headaches I got from being sick/having a cold.

That long paragraph is my way of saying that I have a headache today, no doubt brought on by minor stress, lack of sleep, and the vague worry about things that just aren’t happening the way I want them to happen.

Maybe there are too many things in my head. I was reading Nora Ephron’s book I Remember Nothing, and she has a chapter devoted to things that she has decided to not care about, since she only has so much space in her head to remember/think/worry about things. I think this is a fine way to go through life, whether you are 16 or 46 or 76 (I’m one of those), because there’s only so much space up there to fit everything in.

Here’s my list of things I’ve decided not to care about:

the Facebook IPO
what the number one movie was this weekend
3D anything
“Ask your doctor about…”
the price of gas
the “summer concert series” on Today and Good Morning America
comment sections on sites (except this one!)
whatever George Lucas is doing with Star Wars now
putting my dvds in alphabetical order
viral videos
whether or not tea and coffee are good for you (this week)
my Klout score
movies/TV shows/books about vampires


Over at PBJ, some videos to mark the 20th anniversary of Johnny Carson’s last Tonight Show.

Have a great Memorial Day.

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