It’s So Humid All I Have Is A List

Things irritating me right now:

1. Humidity
2. TV shows about cupcakes
3. “It’s gonna be a Suburu summer!”
4. Ants on my coffee table
5. Humidity
6. Those commercials for Big Brother
7. People who only tweet to tell us how busy/happy they are
8. Supermarket checkout people who ask me “How are you?” and when I say “Fine, how are you?” they don’t answer me.
9. Not being able to fast forward through coming attractions on DVDs (for movies I have no interest in, like rom-coms starring Katherine Heigl and/or Jennifer Aniston).

What’s bugging you?

2 thoughts on “It’s So Humid All I Have Is A List

  1. At this point the only thing bugging me is the heat and freaking humidity. Unfortunately here, we’ve had air quality warnings for the past several days. Go outside, try to breathe and then throw up from the crap you’re breathing in. ICK!

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