The Raymond Chandler Papers

Current time: 2:17pm
Temperature: 80 (supposedly)
Feels Like: a sauna on the surface of Mercury

I’m reading a fantastic book titled The Raymond Chandler Papers. It’s a collection of letters that he sent to people, essays, and other forms of non-fiction.  For people who thought he was “just a mystery writer” (as if being called “just a mystery writer” was a fair assessment of someone, even if they did just write mysteries) it’s an endlessly intriguing and enjoyable look into what he thought of everything from Hollywood to marriage to drinking and the work of other writers. Reading the letters sent by famous people has always fascinated me, because it’s the purest form of first person writing and you know you’re going to get opinions and personal revelations and see a side of someone you might not see in the rest of their writing. He would have made a great blogger (and I say that with no sarcasm, irony, not even a wink-wink).

If you’re a fan of Chandler you absolutely have to get this book. If you’re not, well, read a couple of his novels and then this book and you will be. And if you’re a writer it might make you fall in love with writing again.

Speaking of letters (segue!), The Letter has been pushed back to September. Why? BECAUSE I HATE SUMMER. This is only half a joke. I actually do hate summer and I don’t want to debut something so important to me during a season I hate. Does that makes sense? I’m not sure but I’m going with it. Besides, it’s always good to start a new project around a date you can remember. If I started The Letter on July 17, well, I’d have a hard time trying to remember that (and in the summer it’s hard for me to think, period), so I think Labor Day is a time for the launch.

That will also give me some time to really figure out what form the letters will take and how much I want to charge and what readers get for that money. If that’s confusing, I’m thinking about expanding this into a Kickstarter-like project, even if I don’t do it on Kickstarter itself. There will be a flat subscription rate, plus a few more levels filled with goodies if you donate more (or a lot more). Or it could be just one price and you get a year’s sub. I’m still trying to figure out all the details but count on the first one coming in early September, and then every month after that. Much more info about this coming next week, with all the specifics and nitty-gritty, but in the meantime if you want to get a great deal, click on the Donate button on the right to get started (and click here for more info on the project).

Now I have to grab another Arizona Iced Tea (“sun brewed style”). Along with Popsicles and a Honeywell floor fan it’s the only thing getting me through these depressing, uncomfortable days.

One thought on “The Raymond Chandler Papers

  1. I love summer and even I hate this summer. It’s too hot and muggy to be enjoyable. Even if I lived on the coast, I wouldn’t enjoy it because it’s too hot to breathe. I feel like I’m sucking in water when I breathe. This summer can end REAL soon. We never even had a winter or spring. Went right from fall to summer, which was bizarre. 😦

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