10,000 Irritations

Simply put, this was “one of those days.”

Everything just seemed a little “off,” this overwhelming feeling that I couldn’t catch up to anything or get things settled – no matter what it was – so I never quite felt comfortable, like there was this invisible “thing” making me nervous and uneasy. Maybe my biorhythms are off.

There’s a word you never hear anymore, “biorhythms.” Is that still a thing? It certainly was in the late 70s. It was a scientific (*cough*) way of figuring out your life and how things were going to go for you, based on various things like your mental state and your emotions and cycles and some mathematical formula. Or something. I recall a lot of numbers and wavy lines.

I also remember going to one of the department stores – it may have been Zayre or perhaps King’s, one of the chains – and buying a baseball game in a box based on biorhythms. I was so excited because I was obsessed with baseball at the time and this whole biorhythm thing sounded so fascinating! I couldn’t wait to get home to play with this new, expensive game.

I think I opened it once. I never even played it. It was confusing and based on stats and math and I hated math, even as a geeky, bookwormy baseball fan. It certainly wasn’t “fun.” I went back to Scrabble and my Aurora Movie Monsters models (but never jigsaw puzzles – I never had the patience for jigsaw puzzles). There were many games – if you can call them games – based on biorhythms, as you can see from the above pic, where it looks like the oldest brother from Eight is Enough is playing tennis.

(Doing a Google search…Google search…not sure if this is the modern version of the baseball game I had but it sure looks like it.)

Now I’ll stop talking about biorhythms because it’s an incredibly hard word to type.

But it’s not just that things felt off in some vague, I-can’t-explain-it way. There were concrete outside influences too…

– the woman talking on her cell phone while driving around the supermarket parking lot, completely clueless, almost hitting three cars and a man crossing the street.

– the shopper who left his cart in the middle of the main aisle, right next to a giant metal post that goes from the floor to the ceiling, so no one could get by, and then walking to the other side of the store to find an item. It’s outrageous how often this happens.

– the heat. The grinding, suffocating heat. It was 90 again today. The end of the summer always lies. A few days where the breeze really cools you and you begin to think maybe, just maybe this is the turning point… and then SMASH, BANG, SMACK, the humidity is back and it makes you want to kick a meteorologist in the throat. Thankfully, this is the last day of August – maybe that’s why everything seems off, the last day of a horrible month – and we can finally get to September and see that the fall is in our sights.

That’s it for me this week. Have I earned a cold gin & tonic tonight? Yes. Yes I have.

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Have a great Labor Day weekend.

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