8 thoughts on “Pop Candy

  1. Nice shout-out for Berkley, Michigan’s Marshall Crenshaw, one of my humble little hometown’s most notable products. I went to Berkley High School with Marshall’s younger brother Robert Crenshaw, who was Marshall’s drummer on his first five albums and on tour in those heady 80s. Just ran into Robert today at my neighborhood Trader Joe’s, and got a kick out of the fact that one of my buddies at the store, a big fan of Marshall’s, went up to Robert and told him how much he has enjoyed his and Marshall’s music over the years. Check out Robert’s “Atheist Christmas” EP on iTunes, on which Marshall appears in a guest role. Go Berkley Bears!

    1. Did you see that MC is offering his new music on a subscription basis? Some new stuff coming next month..
      I’ve got a cool photo I took of him a while back. i got him to sign a poster I made from it. He said he liked it better than the photo that was on his current CD at the time. If you’re interested in seeing it plus a few more of him and some other artist send me a friend request on Facebook (Brian Borbot).

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