I was in the frozen food aisle of the supermarket when I heard a voice ask, “Can I help you find something?” It came from the guy filling up the shelves with frozen vegetables and TV dinners. I turned to answer him.

It was The Joker.

This wasn’t the giddy, campy, clown-ish Joker played by Caesar Romero on the old Batman TV series. This guy was made up as the crazed, WTF, stabby version played by Heath Ledger in the movie, complete with the distorted face created by uneven makeup. It took me a while to process what exactly was going on, because no one else was dressed up for Halloween and the day was still several days away, and you usually don’t see deadly arch-villians stocking your supermarket shelves.

“No, I’m all set, thanks!” I didn’t say anything about his costume and he didn’t give me a smile to acknowledge that he was indeed dressed up like The Joker. I just opened the door and got two packages of rice with broccoli and cheese.

I’m not a Halloween guy. I was, but then I got out of my teens and became an adult. I don’t mean to be harsh, because you can’t really be upset about any day that centers around candy, but I don’t really understand why adults get so excited about a day where you dress up in funny costumes. I read somewhere that Halloween is the the second most popular holiday (not really a holiday in the sense that you get it off from work or offices are closed) for adults after Christmas. I don’t know if this is true or not but it’s one of the factoids I really hope isn’t true (but probably is). I can understand it if you have kids and you see Halloween through their eyes, but it’s certainly not anything I have a desire to be involved in anymore.

I got home and realized that I didn’t get the rice with broccoli and cheese but instead got the packages with just broccoli. They really shouldn’t put those two things next to each other.

2 thoughts on “Joker

  1. The part that worried me the most about this was that Halloween was still several days away. I can kind of see dressing up on Halloween if it’s something that you enjoy, but sheesh, keep it on October 31.

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