Hostess Dreams

The store was all out of Hostess products. There was nothing left. Not a Twinkie, a Ball, a Dong, or even a Ho.

I had a dream the other night that I worked at Hostess. I don’t know what my job title was – I just remember offices and hallways – but I remember seeing all of the products stacked up everywhere. This is the third weird dream I’ve had lately. Not just weird for the subject matter/plot but also for the length. Lots of long (or seemingly long, who knows what the reality is) plot details and several characters and plot twists. I had a dream where I was on a train that turned into a roller coaster, then back into a train, which then stopped in a small Minnesota town. This weekend I had a dream where I was in a contest to come up with the best parody lyrics for Michael Jackson’s “Bad.” I didn’t win because after a couple of hours I couldn’t come up with a good rhyme for “pie.”

Which brings us back to desserts, which brings us back to Hostess. I’m sure if they go under another company will buy the products and we’ll never be without spongy and chocolatey treats.

Update: they’re back in negotiations. Stay tuned…

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